Keep your business bright!

When you call on us for the electrician or plumbing services, we strive to provide you great value. We always offer upfront billing, so there are no surprises on your invoice when the work is complete - and so you know we're fair and honest! Not sure about your budget? We offer FREE on-site estimates!

We're happy to come to your home or business and provide you with a thorough assessment of your electrical needs and costs. All our workmanship is guaranteed. We wire it right the first time!

Should you upgrade your service panel?

Do your lights flicker? Does your breaker trip frequently? Do your appliances fail to run at full operation? It may be time to upgrade your service panel - and you have good reason to! Not having an adequate panel can create a fire hazard, and damage your electronics.

When we install your new service panel, we're also happy to outfit your home or business with surge protection! You invest a lot in your electronics, so save them from electrical surges, and save your wallet. 

Our licensed electricians have the expertise in stopping surges, repairing tripped breakers, and can also repair other appliances as well. We also help install lighting on driveways, landscapes, walkways, as well as ceiling fans.


  • Service Panel Upgrades

  • Sub Panel Services

  • Surge Protection

  • Complete Household Wiring

  • New and Renovated Electrical Work

  • All Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

  • Smoke and Carbon Detectors

  • Gas Leak Detectors

  • HVAC Electrical Services