Water Softeners

Lancaster’s water softening systems deliver advanced technology and enhanced performance to water conditioning. Their systems remove unwanted hardness and minerals from your household water supply. State-of-the-art control valves, high-performance mineral tanks loaded with resin that adheres to the highest quality standards will guarantee long lasting solutions for years to come.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Guardian Reverse Osmosis water system reduces minerals and contaminants found in common tap water. A four-stage system filters water at the molecular level resulting in clean, fresh, and better-tasting water.
Our systems direct the flow of water through each filtration step without the need for tubes or fittings. This design also contains major parts like the water saving automatic shut-off, drain control and safety check valve, making it easy to maintain and service.


Lancaster’s filters and neutralizers are built to treat your water and protect pipes, faucets, water heaters, boilers and all appliances requiring the use of water. Our product lines eliminate blue-green staining associated with low pH water, remove iron, sediment, color, odor and even improve the taste of your water. Lancaster’s products are constructed with high-quality American made components to assure durability and long product life. All of this, along with a simplified design, low maintenance, and low operating costs makes for a perfect system.